Nihewan Foundation
Be Your Culture
The mission of the Nihewan Foundation is to help children of all backgrounds through improved education.
Children, adults, teenagers, all of us are in need of fun, accurate, positive relationships. We share our lands, waters, and our space with one another, so we learn together in many ways already.

Nihewan's main initiative, the Cradleboard Teaching Project, builds on these relationships and puts the realities about Indigenous people into the stories we share and the lessons we learn. Students are supported in raising test scores in core curriculum subjects at the same time as building a knowledge base about Indigenous people and cultures with their classroom partners far away.

We put your communities, teachers and students into the driver’s seat of delivering your own accurate enriching teaching materials in core subject matters, while partnering Indigenous and non-Indigenous, urban and on-reserve students through effective teaching methods, new accurate and enriching curriculum materials, and engaging relationships.

Build with us. Help support the work we do by donating to the Nihewan Foundation.